Valamar Terra Magica

16. - 17.05.2015.

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Welcome to Valamar Terra Magica!

Valamar Terra Magica, one for all! There is only one race all competitors apply for, but in the course of the race they have the possibility to decide whether they want to ride 75, 55 or 35 km. We will take you on a journey across the rocky paths in the area of Labin, leading you from the sea coast all the way to the hills and back again to the sea. The route itself in large part overlaps with the route of the legendary Labin Marathon.



Outdoor expo zone : 16 May 2015 – 17 May 2015 at Rabac's waterfront

MTB-O race, Trail, Bicycle race

Affordable accommodation is provided by Valamar hotels and resorts.

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