A Web Guide to Road Signs on Bike Trails


Bike trails marked in red are mostly technically demanding. These trails have a demanding surface, a lot of ascents and descents and they are much longer. They are designed for experienced users.




Bike trails of moderate difficulty and length are designed for active recreational cyclists who want their ride to be a bit challenging. However, some parts of the trails may be technically quite demanding or even dangerous. Also, there might be a few tough climbs on the trail.



Bike trails marked in green are short and easy trails ideal for a casual ride on a smooth surface. These trails are suitable for recreational cyclists and cyclists who are not in good physical shape, as well as for people who are not particularly skilled at cycling and families.




Family&Recreation bike trails are specifically designed to cater for the needs of families and children, as well as for the needs of not as experienced users. They are easy, safe and they avoid traffic roads and city streets whenever possible. There are no steep ascents and descents; they are circular and they begin and end at large tourist centres (camps, tourist resorts and hotels).

Road Signs in a real environment:

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