Poreč - Parenzo Porečka riva (Poreč waterfront)


Epic Rides Poreč

Porečka riva (Poreč waterfront)

EPIC RIDES Istria / Poreč route 58 kilometers long, will take you through the most beautiful locations, charming villages and hidden paths of western Istria - from Poreč, across Lim Bay to Sv. Lovreč...  


Istria is the queen of Croatian cycling tourism. From early spring to late autumn, Istria is full of cyclists who enjoy all the beauties of this largest Croatian peninsula, and when you reach the finish line of Epic Rides Poreč you will understand why.

Tame, arranged, beautiful and diverse landscape, all different kinds of surfaces - from interesting but very simple country and forest paths, across fine and polished (gravel) macadams, to small winding roads through villages, hamlets and small towns.

Istria will have at least 5 Epic Rides soon. Because Istria deserves it. And the honor of being the first to host Epic Rides in Istria has gone to - Poreč.

This is the longest Epic Rides so far (a full 58 km) but at the same time with the least climb (only 520 meters). Nevertheless, it will make you smile, because it is extremely interesting, and after about 3 hours of cycling you will have a beer at the finish line with such pleasure. We start at the waterfront in Poreč, one of the most beautiful Istrian cities and a major tourist center. We drive along the sea, along a well-arranged promenade where we will also make a lap on the pump track that we built in 2022 in Poreč with our Slovenian partners. After 2 km along the sea, we head inland and immediately enter a grove where a narrow forest road shows why Istria is an interesting destination for mountain biking. After a few kilometers on the paths, we drive through endless vineyards and smear our wheels with red soil characteristic of this side of Istria. After the vineyards, we head towards Lim Bay and drive through the protected forest of Kontija.

The feed zone is 24 km away, where, in addition to bananas and isotonic drinks, you can enjoy the view of the Lim Bay and take a photo.

For the next 15 kilometers we drive through villages and hamlets, getting to know Istria from the inside. We drive through Sveti Lovreč and after 38 km we reach the highest point of this route, the village of Rakovci at 268 meters above sea level.

The next 20 i.e. the last 20 km of this Epic Rides is primarily a downhill towards Poreč. Again we encounter mostly macadam roads, red soil, domestic animals, beautiful Istrian old and reconstructed houses, as well as brand new ones built in an authentic style.

Finally, we will make a lap around the old town of Poreč and after 58 km beer, Coca-Cola, snacks and gathering are waiting for you on the sunny waterfront.

Istria is always a good idea. Especially by bike.