We depart from Medulin Riviera towards Ližnjan and pass through Šišan. Than, we take a gravel road down to the Budava cove. The Budava bay and fishery is 2.5 kilometers indented into the mainland and it is a completely intact natural reserve. We continue climbing the gravel road until we reach Kavran and Šegotići where the family vinery Siljan offers us to taste typical Istrian wines. They say wines match perfectly with cheese and this is the best reason to visit the nearby dairy Kumparička in the village Cokuni. The dairy owners breed goats and from their milk produce top quality cheese. You can try ricotta here as well as feta and fresh cheese made out of unpasteurized milk. From here, there is a beautiful view on Mutvoran, our next stop, a small village of about 30 inhabitants. Mutvoran will surely conquer you with its peacefulness and magnificent volts. 

We continue towards Marčana and Loborika to stop in the dairy and restaurant “Vesna”. Vesna produces goat and sheep cheese as well as other dairy delicacies. 

The road takes us further to Valtura, a place with 700 inhabitants best known for Nesactium, the most important archaeological site in Istria. The spacious and massive Nesactium construction was formed in the Bronze Age. The construction was the political and religious centre of the tribal alliance of the Histrians and their capital. In 177 BC the historic battle between the Romans and Histrians took place at Nesactium. The archaeological sites originate between the 9th and 8th century BC. The necropolis, the wall and ditch foundation have been preserved from those times. The forum, spas, water roads, doors and the remains of three temples originate from Roman Ages. The ruins of two parallel rectangular Early Christian (5th century) basilicas can easily be discerned. 

On our way back we pass through the tavern Stari Cok which offers authentic Istrian food. If you like to taste more sophisticated food continue all the way to Šišan to the newly opened restaurant Vela Nera X. You will find dishes of traditional Istrian cuisine combined with a modern golden touch. There is the bicycle repair shop Buić in the restaurant's vicinity for you to buy spare parts or have your bicycle repaired. From Šišan we return to Medulin Riviera. 


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