From Katoro reach Murine and through Galici and Saint Vid arrive to Vilanija. After Vilanija turn right to Vardica coming soon to Juricani. In Juricani we reach the main road Umag-Buje where we turn left and then soon right in the direc-tion of Sverki. Through Sverki, Lukoni and Radini we reach the seashore next to the entrance of the camping Park Umag.
Continue to the right on the main road, then turn left and enter to Lovrecica. We continue to Saint Ivan and Saint Pelegrin and soon reach Umag. Cycle along the seaside until Punta and end up in Katoro.

What to visit Bearing in mind that the starting point of this interesting road is the tourist village Katoro, already at the beginning of this bike adventure you can stop a bit and enjoy the rich offer includes a couple of high quality hotels, shops and restaurants as well as sport playgrounds. Special attractions are outside pools and fully equipped pebble, rocky and concrete beaches. From Katoro the road will take you to a completely new world, in the undiscovered inland of Umag inland through fields, olive groves and vineyards where you will still be able to see peasants cultivating their own land. The route goes then back to the sea and through a big part of Umag Riviera, from camping Park Umag to Lovrecica, Finida and Saint Ivan to the centre of the town.

Umag, the most western Croatian town with a turbulent history has managed to maintain until nowadays some medieval walls and towers like for example the Bishop tower from the 14th century, gothic and renaissance houses with stems and the monumental town church Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the mid 18th century.
On the other hand, Umag Riviera is a place of picturesque bays and green woods, cultivated vineyards and olive groves, blue sea and pebble beaches. The seaside in Katoro is very interesting archeologically in the Roman times it was home to rustic villas and sea ports which are submerged today due to the rise of the sea level in the last two thousand years. During archaeological researches within Katoro area remaining of pottery has been found in the underworld from the times when Umag used to be part of the Roman Empire. On your way back to Katoro visit the ranch and horse riding club where you might be intrigued by jump riding, not such a known type of sport and recreation.


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