The trail starts below the village of Marčana, more precisely near the Kalić puddle, on the road to Duga Uvala in the direction of Mitrovi Dvori. The forest road leads to Muntić, where immediately at the junction with the asphalt surface, it turns left onto the white road and continues towards Nezakcij. After the archeological site of Nezakcij (Vizače), the trail passes along the road through the village of Valtura towards the local cemetery, where it diverges and enters the forest road. Through Radeki Polje, the trail continues on the paved road to Loborika and then to Radeki Glavica. Along the former horse center the path follows the white road and leads to Muntić. After a short drive through Muntić the path again switches to macadam. The ride along the Istrian olive groves ends in Marčana, where it started.

The trail is easy, intended for leisurely riding, on a flat and not demanding surface, which can be performed by recreational cyclists and less physically fit cyclists, as well as families with children.


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