This cycling trail marked by number 619 is a circular trail that starts at the bus station in Pazin and takes us to Gračišće, returning to Pazin at the end. The trail starts from the Z5046 road, in the direction of Cerovlje. After 620 metres, turn right and continue to the end of the asphalted surface, then continue along the macadam road to the cemetery in Lindar. After the cemetery, turn right and continue along the road to reach the D64 road. At the junction with the road we turn right towards Pazin and immediately after 40 metres turn left onto the asphalt surface towards the village of Velanov brijeg.

At the second intersection, turn left and continue over the top to the village of Matići. In Matići, we continue straight on the macadam road to reach the local road. At the junction with the asphalted surface, turn left, pass through Kuhari and turn left at the first intersection. We continue through Bertoši and just before the village of Šermani we turn right onto the macadam road, which we continue to pass through the new highway. We pass through the underpass and continue along the wide macadam road to the junction with the L50108 road. At the junction, turn right and immediately, fifty metres later, left. We then ride along the paved surface to reach the quarry.

At the entrance to the quarry, we continue straight along the macadam road to the first intersection, where we turn left and continue along the wide macadam road to Katun Gračaški and the local road. At the intersection, turn right and continue along the road until the first intersection, at which we first turn left and then continue straight on. After the village, the road continues to climb on a macadam surface and leads to the village of Putinji. Continue to the intersection with a small chapel where we turn left until the turn for Levine, where we leave the road and turn right following the macadam road all the way to Gračišće.

Arriving in Gračišće, we continue towards the cemetery and join the D64 road, then after 100 metres we turn off the road to the right and continue on the asphalt road to Škljonki, before which we turn left. Shortly after the climb, a forest trail branches off on the left side where we continue straight on and soon a long macadam descent follows. At the bottom of the descent, we turn left towards Marečići. The trail switches to macadam and soon reaches the junction of the road on the right (from the village of Šegari), which we take and continue to ride straight. On the approach to the village of Ćusi, we turn left onto the macadam-dirt road, and immediately after that we take the right turn to the valley. At the top of the climb on the dirt road, the trail joins the macadam road near the village of Kovačići, where we go left. Soon there is a macadam climb on the left, and the trail descends on the macadam road to the village of Šestani, where we continue through the village onto a narrow, asphalted road. At the Ivoli intersection, turn right under the highway. Before the turning on the left, at the big traffic sign on the right, we turn right onto a small path, and when we reach the main road, we head towards Cerovlje. After the railway line, we turn left to Zarečje and pass the entire village to the junction of the Pazin – Grdoselo road, near to the village of Rimanići - Bani, turning left to Pazin. Arriving at the main road in Pazin, at the top of the climb, we turn right towards the centre. That is, we arrive at the bus station and end the ride at the place we began it.

Attractions along the trail:

- Village of Velanov brijeg

- Gračišće centre (the church of Our Lady of God on the Square, St. Anthony’s chapel and the churches of St. Euphemia and St. Vitus)

- Pazin centre


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