683On the Grimani's Trail

Itinerary description:

The Grimani’s Trail cycling itinerary is designed both for family rides and for the less prepared cyclist who wants to relax. This ride along local roads with low traffic intensity offers this possibility. The trail starts in Svetvinčenat, on the attractive Plac square, in front of the Morosini-Grimani castle, and continues through some of the smaller and particularly charming Istrian hamlets such as Pajkovići, Bokordići, Orihi, Petehi, Koromani, Žagrići and Ferlini. The only large place through which you will pass is Žminj, but almost each of the villages offers traditional taverns with autochthonous cuisine based on seasonal ingredients. Take a break and get some refreshment with true aromas of Istrian cuisine.

Technical specifications:

The 34 kilometres long cycling trail is extremely easy and it does not contain any technical or configuration demanding sections so there is no need for gear ratio adjustment on your bikes. A basic bike will also be good enough to complete trail number 683. The total altitude difference is 200 metres with the highest point being at 388 metres above sea level and the lowest at 275 metres. It is ridden exclusively on asphalt roads, and you will need 1h:20 min – 1h:40 min to reach the finish line.


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