182Heritage Treasury

Itinerary description:

Lim Bay, Kanfanar, Dvigrad, Sveti Lovreč, Poreč and Funtana. The Heritage Treasury trail starts and ends in front of the Vrsar’s Pineta hotel and offers everything: from the natural beauties of Lim Bay to the turbulent history of Dvigrad as well as the varied offer of Poreč, a little town full of historical and cultural heritage.The jewel in its extraordinary heritage is represented by the Euphrasian Basilica, an outstanding sample of early Byzantine art from the 6th century, now protected under the auspices of UNESCO. This is why the itinerary leads you through the centre of this two thousand year old Mediterranean town, which offers a number of reasons to take a break and enjoy the historical heritage. The trail passes through rich gourmet destinations, which are each worthy of being tasted and leads you along the wide roads that were once the main traffic links. Wherever you make a stop on the way through Flengi, Kloštar, Lim Bay, Kanfanar, Sveti Lovreč and Funtana, you will find an excellent reason for a break with the extraordinary tastes of tradition.

Technical specifications:

The 64 kilometre long trail does not present particularly demanding climbs, but you will have to work hard on the road that climbs from the Lim Bay after 14 kilometres of the trail as well as on the road to Dvigrad after 27 kilometres, although no special gear ratio adjustments are needed. Please bear in mind that it will be necessary to adjust the speed to the surface of the downhill towards Dvigrad on the 24th kilometre. All in all, it is a medium-demanding trail with a 650-metre altitude difference, and the highest point being at 269 meters and the lowest at 2 meters above sea level. The trail runs exclusively on asphalted roads, and the estimated riding time is two hours and 45 minutes. 


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