Itinerary description:

The one hundred and one kilometre long trail winds to take you off the coast of the Istrian peninsula into its interior, to its green hills and its gastronomic secret. The beginning of the trail runs along wider roads, where, in the first fifteen kilometres, you can expect traffic to be a bit denser. The rest of the route will reveal all the charm of the Istrian landscape. First in a series of viewpoints that we recommend is Vižinada located at the 29th kilometre. Here the view extends over the valley of the river Mirna and the historical towns located on top of the surrounding hills. You will see Motovun and Grožnjan, which you will reach later, and where you should definitely make a stop. This is because here you will be entering the location of the hidden truffle, which should not be left without trying at least a bite. The last quarter of the trail passes along local roads offering the pleasure of an easy ride through fascinating scenery. 

Technical specifications:

The trail is rather demanding both for its length of 101 kilometres and for the climbs you encounter. At the 34th kilometre you will find yourself in front of a 5 kilometre long climb leading to Grožnjan. The last 1.5 km is extremely steep, and in some parts the incline exceeds 14% so it is necessary to adjust your gear ratio to at least 36x28. You should be particularly careful from kilometre 53 as this is where the downhill leading from Oprtalj to Livade starts. Be careful when riding along the serpentines and make sure you adjust your speed.  


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