Itinerary description:

If you do not have too much time at your disposal, but would still like to ride a bike for over an hour and look at something captivating - then we suggest you ride along trail no. 243 which starts in the town of Bale and leads you straight to the centre of Rovinj, one of the most preserved and well-kept towns in Croatia. Its historic core is well worth a visit and entices you to relax there for a while. On your way back you will pass through Rovinjsko Selo to reach your final goal again in Bale.

Technical specifications:

 This cycling trail is 35 kilometres long and is rather easy with only 230 metres of total altitude difference. The highest point is at 177 metres above sea level, the lowest at 3 metres. The entire route is ridden on asphalt, where adjustment of gear ratio is not necessary since standard gear ratio is quite sufficient.The second part of the track is rather more demanding so unprepared cyclists may have minor problems as the track is on a continuous light ascent. The time anticipated to complete the trail is around 1h:15m.



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