Itinerary description:

The Kumbašeja or Kumbešija cycling trail will take you across the road from Kanfanar through Burići and Marići with various attractions on the way. You will ride along vineyards and olive groves interweaving with the fertile fields of central Istria. The trail ends in Kanfanar, more precisely at the railway station opened in 1876. That was the year when the regular traffic on the Divača-Pula line, with the Kanfanar-Rovinj branch, began.There are also three pits awaiting you on this route: Kumbašeja, Borošnica and Kumbašel, astounding speleological mysteries. Legends have been talking about their appearance for centuries. Kumbašeja, after which the trail itself was named, is a pit with the largest crater in Istria  inhabited by the Romualdo Ground Beetle, an endemic subspecies in the area of Istria and Kvarner. It was discovered in Romuald’s Cave situated nearby the Lim Channel, after which it was named.Along our cycling route you will also discover St. Sylvester’s Church from 1969 with its bell tower built in 1732. According to Venetian Republic custom, it was erected near the church and not attached to it.

Tehnical Characteristics: 

Kumbašeja is an easy cycling trail with just 144 metres of altitude difference. Its length of 11.5 km runs on 6.4 km of macadam road and 5.1 km of asphalted roads. It is suitable for trekking, electric and mountain bikes. The ride, including all the planned stops along all the trail’s natural and historical beauties, lasts about two hours.


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