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The Žminjka cycling trail starts by the Tower, which is the only one remaining of the three former round towers built at the entrance to the town in the 15th century. From here our ride continues towards the square and St. Michael’s Parish Church and then turns left, going downhill through Štrada, the old cobbled street.

Passing through the old part of Žminj on your right you will be welcomed by the 16th century Canonic house with its interesting semi-circular windows and Istrian Renaissance ornaments.

After riding along the Štrada, the trail passes by the cemetery and following the forest path we arrive at Galanti. We continue on the asphalt road towards Domijanići, but do not enter the village. Instead turn onto the forest path that leads to St. Fosca’s Church, characterised by its very specific construction.

Descending to Laginji, we enter the Žminj forest, known by the locals as boška, through which we arrive at Donji Tankovići. Further along on the way towards Jurići, remains of a stone settlement can be found in the forest.

We climb to Sv. Juraj, one of the higher Istrian peaks, and then, passing through Križanci and Kuhari, the trail goes downhill to reach Orbanići. It is worth taking a break here and visiting Latus dairy farm where you can try some of the delicious local dairy products.

Back on the track, the trail leads us through the old vault and to the Istrian Y. We pass under the overpass, and the tarmac road takes us to the village of Krničari. On our way we will encounter ponds where farm animals once drank. We continue on the asphalt road through Milanezi, Maraškini and Kršanci after which the road goes slightly uphill and we reach Debeljuhi

Take care - because on your way to the village of Modrušani you will have to cross the main traffic road! In Modrušani we will pass by the remains of the old school shortly after which the trail turns to the Balski path which leads to the St. Mary Major’s Church with its free-standing bell tower.

Žminjka takes us to Tomišići along the tarmac road and towards Leprinčani, and on our way we will encounter one of the largest ponds in the area (puč). The trail lead us towards the old part of Žminj and climbing through narrow streets we reach the finish.


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