690Renaissance on Two Wheels

Itinerary description:

The name itself indicates that the theme of this Renaissance on Two Wheels trail is the centre of the southern part of Istria, which beginnings are most often associated with the Benedictines of Ravenna who settled in the area of Svetvinčenat in the 6th century. 
Today just over 2,000 inhabitants live here. The trail starts by the Morosini-Grimani Castle that extends almost through the whole northern part of the town’s square. It is the most preserved castle in Istria which took its present form back in 1589 although the first fortress was built in the early 13th century. 
After 2.8 km the trail leads you to the pond in Krunčići and after 6.1 km it reaches St. Peter’s church, built in the 17th century. At 16.7 km you will reach the Church of Tri Kunfina, located on the border of the municipalities of Kanfanar, Svetvinčenat and Žminj. 
Riding through this stunning area, at the 20th km you will reach the pond in Režanci, and from the 28th km a pleasant ride through an oak forest awaits you.

Technical characteristics: 

Three-quarters of the total length of this 29.6 km trail extends over macadam and the remaining part is ridden on asphalt. The trail is easy although with an altitude difference of 375 meters. As well as most of our trails, it is suitable for mountain, electric and trekking bikes. The surface is made up of small to medium sized stones without sharp edges, and sliding level is relatively low. Downhill and uphill slopes are on the macadam part and are not longer than 0.1 km while the trail itself is about two metres wide. You reach the downhill slope after riding for 19.8 km, and the uphill slope begins at the end of the descent.


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