The Premanturka bike trail starts at the parking lot left from the entrance to the village of Premantura, and after you ride past the popular Tašalera campsite you’ll reach the former fish farm at Šćuza. Today, Šćuza is also known for its well-developed beach of the same name. At the end of the beach there is a long narrow bridge that takes you to Pomer. Pomer is a former fishing village today known for a number of archaeological sites, but also for its excellent glamping accommodation. As you ride along this part of the trail, you will surely be amazed by the view of the Medulin Archipelago and its eleven uninhabited islets.

From Pomer, the trail will take you toward Upper Kamenjak, an area ideal for active holidays and hiking. Upper Kamenjak is a protected landscape with 487 different plant species. It offers a view of the open sea to one side, and of the Medulin Archipelago, Premantura and Lower Kamenjak to the other. It is an area that, in addition to its exquisite nature, also hides paleontological remains. Another interesting aspect of this area is the Austro-Hungarian militaria - the battery at Gomila, today the habitat of seven bat species.

From Upper Kamenjak you descend back to your finish line - the parking lot from which you started touring this trail. You will ride through a pine forest and surely enjoy its shade and its distinctive scent.


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