Grožnjan by night & Parenzana by night


Recreational bicycle race and recreational ride

Historical Grožnjan is a town inspiring to adventure and nurturing original ideas in art, sports and social initiatives.

Entirely in keeping with that, this August it will pay tribute to cycling, as a host of an interesting night spectacle on two wheels. The cycling event consists of two rides, Grožnjan by night and Parenzana by night. While the first is of a competitive character, the second is purely recreational.

5th recreational race "Grožnjan by night"
MTB race Grožnjan by night is ridden on access roads and through the old town centre of Grožnjan, along the approximately 3 km long circular route, under public lighting, against the backdrop of cobbled streets, art galleries and medieval architecture.

The race starts at 11 p.m., helmets are mandatory and registrations will be accepted by 10 p.m. The contestants will be provided with food, drinks and timing. The participation fee is 70 kn (10 EUR) and the ride takes about one hour to complete.

5th recreational bicycle ride "Parenzana by night"
Parenzana by night is intended for those looking for low intensity unusual recreation. The trail follows the renovated route of the once used Parenzana railway line.

The event starts at 8 p.m., with scheduled duration of 2 hours, illuminated only by bicycle lights, adding to the peculiarity of the ride. The participation fee is 30 kn (5 EUR) and includes dinner and refreshments for participants. Wearing protective helmets is mandatory and bringing a spare tube is recommended.

Choose a night ride to your liking and participate in yet another summer bicycle manifestation in Grožnjan, the green pearl of north-western Istria.