274Pedalling Along the 45th Parallel

Itinerary description:

The Pedalling Along the 45th Parallel trail starts and ends in the village of Brajkovići. Riding along the 18.7 long trail, you will encounter a number of charming Istrian villages: Bubani, Žuntići, Šorići, Golaš and Pilkovići. This trail also offers a breath-taking viewpoint: the St. Martin, which will be reached after a ride of 3.2 km. 
Riding along this trail enables you to enjoy the natural beauties of this part of the Istrian peninsula. At times you will reach high, then low vegetation, while between the 14th and 15th km you will pass through a pine forest.

Teechnical Characteristics:

The 18.7 km long Pedalling Along the 45th Parallel trail consists of two-thirds of a macadam path and one-third of an asphalted road. The altitude difference of 263 meters makes this trail moderately demanding. The trail is suitable for mountain, trekking and electric bikes. On the macadam part of the trail smaller sized stones that can only be dangerous in case of rain are encountered. The first uphill slope, St. Martin, is reached after 2.2 km of riding and is 1 km long. The trail is two meters wide in that section. The second uphill Golaš is at 10.4th km and is 0.6 km long. There is only one downhill slope on the trail: St. Martin starting at 3.2 km and is 1 km long. The trail is two meters wide in the downhill part.


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