The bike trail Roveria

The bike trail Roveria takes you through a preserved natural landscape whose name derives from the Italian word for oak (rovere).

The trail starts at Juršići and passes through a beautiful landscape up to St. Quirinus’ Chapel. Here you may have a break and explore the little church, which was built back in 1730 on the spot where once had stood an ancient Christian basilica with a nave and two side aisles. Continue your way through the village Sveti Kirin and then pass fields and woods until you get to Cukrići. From here, after a mild uphill way, you get back to your target at Juršići.

Technical specifications

The trail is 14.9 km long: 8.6 km are country roads and 6.3 km are asphalt roads. The time necessary to cover it is about an hour and a half. The trail is not difficult and is suitable for all ages. You can use either trek bikes, electrical bikes or mountain bikes.


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