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Our bicycle route starts at the harbor at Veliki Brijun. After a short ride by the sea, we turn left. We pass by the former baths, now housing three exhibitions, namely the photography exhibition “Josip Broz Tito on Brioni,” the exhibition “Memories of an Old Austrian” and the natural history museum. We pass by the ancillary business facilities Jurina and Franina, continue our ride across a little bridge and reach a unique golf course, one of the first of the kind in Europe. We will most probably see a herd of spotted deer, fallow deer and mouflons. They are part of Brijuni's identity which completes visitor experience. 

The road takes us to the ZOO. At the Safari park, you can see exotic herbivores: the Indian elephant Lanka, llamas, zebras, India's sacred cows and ostriches. The Ethno park hosts the Istrian farm with indigenous animal species comprising the Istrian ox boškarin, the Istrian sheep pramenka, donkeys and goats.  

Our ride continues through forest landscape along the western part of the island. We pass by the early Christian St. Mary's basilica and ride on a mild descent towards the Byzantine castrum, the most layered archeological site on the island. We ride southwards, along the ornithological reserve Saline, a magical nesting and meeting place for both migratory and non-migratory birds, and we reach Peneda.  

We are now northbound, passing along the amazing rocky coastline. We reach the starting point of the circular walking educational trail Zelenikovac. Through the forest and across the fields, we enter Verige Bay with remains of the Temple of Venus and a sumptuous Roman villa rustica from the 1st century. To our right stretches the Underwater educational trail. We continue along the coast and reach a beautiful beach in Saluga Bay where we can take a swim. Some more riding through the forest towards our goal in the main harbor and we reach the end of our bicycle route - exactly where we started.  

The Brijuni cycling path is easy, as it is only 13,3 km long and it lasts 1,1 hour. The restricted traffic on the island makes it family-friendly and suitable for recreational cycling. The ride itself is complemented by lush landscapes, natural attractions, cultural and historic heritage of the Brijuni National Park.

Visitors program “Cycling Heaven on the Brijuni” is available in April, May, October and November. The program includes the admission to the National Park and bike rental (for 4 hours) on the island of Veliki Brijun.  The cost in April, May and October is 170,00 kn, while in November it is 125,00 kn. Advance reservations required at izleti@np-brijuni.hr or by calling +385 52 525 882 or +385 52 525 883.


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