123ex - TAR VIA 111 - KAŠTELIR

We leave from Tar near the Local Tourism Information Office. At the city exit, from the intersection we go straight ahead. We cross the main street and go straight ahead. We turn right at the first interchange on the right to then head onto a small, narrow street. We pull out onto the main street and cross it from the opposite end. We then go uphill down a narrow street. We go close to the sheep stables (on the left) and we go down the macadam road. There is an interchange on the right but we keep going straight ahead. After a slight incline, we go downhill and come to a fenced olive grove. From here we turn back along the same route. We pass by a pathway on the left and keep going straight ahead. We get to the asphalted road close to the stables (on the right) and we keep going straight down to the main road. On the main road we turn left up a slight incline. We arrive at the crossing, turn left and head towards the centre of Tar. At the intersection we go straight ahead up a slight incline to the centre of Tar. We arrive in the city centre, at the Tourism Information Office, thus ending our ride.


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