We start from the square in front of the Local Tourism Office or, better said, in front of the church and the tower, heading east. At the fork in the road we turn left up a slight incline, to our left there is the cemetery. At the fork in the road, we turn left leaving the village. The asphalted road deviates left, whilst right towards the village, but we continue straight ahead onto a gravel road through the wood. We pass under the highway called Istrian Y and at the fork in the road we turn left. At the crossroad, we keep going straight ahead. We get to the houses, where we make a sharp left turn onto an asphalted road. After 400 meters we turn right. There is an interchange on the right but we keep going straight ahead towards the north. We continue onto the pathway through the wood. We ride on a circular path again heading south until we reach Vele Mukle, a paragliding plateau. On the right side a gravel road, which goes towards the river Mirna, crosses the road we are on but we continue up a slight incline towards the south. We keep going further south along the same gravel road.On the left side another path crosses the road we are on but we keep going straight ahead passing soon under the highway Istrian Y. At the intersection we turn right. We get to an interchange with a wider gravel road. We turn sharply right onto it and continue towards the north. After 800 meters the road deviates towards the west. We keep going towards the west, riding by the fields, plantations, and the woods, first onto a gravel road and then onto a path through the wood. After a long ride through the wood, we reach a gravel road. Soon after we come to another path made of compressed soil, across the fields and lawns, heading south. We arrive to an intersection with another path made of compressed soil. We turn right onto it heading east, towards Rogovići. After 700 meters we turn right onto the main road. On the main road we turn left, we enter the village Rogovići and we stick to the right. We arrive at the big triangular crossing, we turn right towards the exit of the village. Leaving the village, near the last houses on the right, we turn right. We pass near the wood and we pull onto a path up a slight incline, heading east. In the village we pull onto an asphalted road and continue towards Kaštelir. After 300 meters, at the intersection with the asphalted road we turn left (straight ahead). There is an interchange on the left but we keep going straight ahead. After 200 meters we turn left and up a slight incline. At the crossroad we turn right and after about 200 meters we turn left still up a slight incline. We continue along the same road towards the centre of Kaštelir. We arrive at the square from which we started our journey and this is where today’s trip comes to an end.


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