We start at the parking lot in front of the crafts centre, to a nearby traffic light, where we go left and head north. At the traffic light we turn right and go around "Konzum" supermarket. We turn right towards Lidl supermarket and the area of Agrolaguna Inc. Immediately after entering the section Agrolaguna (on the left), we turn left onto the pathway through the wood. In the wood we turn onto a path on the right which will lead us out of the wood and at which point we cross the bridge above the road. We arrive at a narrow asphalted road that passes over a small village (on the right) and continue on the same road to the east.
Once we have arrived at Vrvari, we continue along the same road heading east, until we come to a vertical intersection (crossing) which will lead onto a bigger road. Coming to the crossing into the wider road we turn right and go through the road for about two hundred meters. To our left there is the old school building, where we make a sharp left turn onto a gravel road and continue along that road heading east, whilst keeping to the right. We get to the asphalted road and keep heading right and after about 150 meters, before arriving at the building, we turn left onto the gravel road. On top of a slight incline we come to yet another gravel road and we turn left. We follow this path for the next 2 km.
We arrive on the main road and turn right. After 100 meters we turn left and we go through the village after which we get to the pathway. Arriving in the village, we turn right and continue along this road heading north. From the road we turn sharply to the right onto the pathway and keep going on the pathway in the opposite direction, heading south. Whilst passing next to the village, we cut across several other roads but continue heading south along the same road. We get to the road and turn left through the village of Katun. Leaving the village, after 300 metres, we turn left onto the pathway which heads north. From the pathway we slightly diverge to the right and continue for 1.2 km to the northeast, where the road bends slightly to the right in an easterly direction and continues that way for a further 600 metres. We get to a wider pathway and head up it (heading left) until we get to the main road. We get to the main road. Here we can turn and go back down the same road, or keep on going to the intersecting cycling paths of Tinjan. We turn left at the crossroad for St. Ivan/Muntrilj. 
From here we can continue towards Tinjan or we can turn and go back along the same road towards Poreč.


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