251Flavours of the Mediterranean

Itinerary description:

The start and finish line of the Flavours of the Mediterranean trail are in Bale, around a hundred meters from Soardo-Bembo Castle, Bale’s most famous building, which dominates the area, and the grace of its recently restored Gothic-Renaissance façade attracts the attention of passers-by. Since its founding in the 16th century, it has changed its purpose, switching from a fortress with a defensive function to a residential building. 
After two hundred meters of riding, you will pass by Bale's oil production, and at 1.8 km of the trail, there is a short stop on the viewpoint of St. Michael where a beautiful view over the entire area is recommended. On half the trail you will encounter the historical sights of Krmed, a place where only a few dozen inhabitants live today. 
While in the first part of the trail you will have come across the historical sights, in the other, you will be thrilled by a ride through gorgeous forests. At 16th km you will have the opportunity of encountering the Histria Aromatica Park. 
Just a few kilometres before the end of the trail you will be welcomed by the famous Stancija Bembo, once the loveliest property in the vicinity of Bale. Today, its ruins are testimony to the former beauty of the wealthy family complex.

Technical characteristics: 

With a length of 21.3 km, and an altitude difference of only 241 meters, this trail is quite easy. Due to the trail’s characteristics it is possible to ride mountain, electric and trekking bicycles. Three-quarters of the trail are ridden on macadam, and the rest is asphalted. The surface consists of small-sized stones, and particular attention should be paid when riding in the rain. The only uphill slope, called St. Michael’s, awaits you after 0.6 km of trail, and the uphill slope itself is 1.2 km long. The trail width in this section is 3 meters long. The downhill slope of the same name starts at 1.8 km and is 0.6 km long. In this section the trail is also 3 meters wide.  


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