252Sleeping Guards of the Roman Empire

Itinerary description:

Just like the Flavours of the Mediterranean trail, this Sleeping Guards of the Roman Empire trail also starts and ends in Bale, not far away from the famous Soardo-Bembo Castle. During your ride you will pass through Colone and San Polo, two famous sights known for their stunning coast that attracts a number of sea and swimming enthusiasts. 
Almost the entire first kilometres you will ride along the historical sights of Bale, a small Istrian place with around a thousand inhabitants. This trail will also lead you to the fascinating viewpoints: first you will reach Mandriola at 6.7th km, then at 8th km the Betiga Zoo and at 10th km Villa Meneghetti. 
Between the 12th and 15th km of the trail you will ride along the magnificent Bale coast, and at the 17th km, the Roman wells will take you back to the past for a moment. Near the end of the trail you reach the old olive groves, a symbol of the Istrian area.

Technical characteristics: 

A total of 21.7 km of the Sleeping Guards of the Roman Empire trail offers an easy ride as the altitude difference is only 186 meters. Due to its configuration and characteristics, this trail is suitable for mountain, electric and trekking bikes. The macadam and asphalt surfaces are almost evenly distributed. This trail also has smaller sized stones so that riding the trail does not pose any danger. A bit more attention during your ride is needed in case of rain. You will reach the only, 3.5 km long, uphill slope after 20.2 km of riding. The trail is 4 meters wide in that section. Downhill awaits you after a 0.3 km ride and is almost 6 km long. The 4 metre wide trail down the downhill slope is almost harmless.


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