273Captain Morgan and the Ghost Town

Itinerary description:

After starting in Kanfanar, a small Istrian place with 1,500 inhabitants, the trail leads towards Vidulini, the Limska Draga Valley, Barat, Mrgani, Dvigrad, to end finally in Kanfanar itself. 
We recommend stopping after seven hundred metres after the start by Kanfanar’s church and chapel. After three hundred metres, be sure to take a moment and get off your bike to enjoy the view over the Limska Draga Valley and Lim Bay. 
After passing through Barat, at 13th km, you will pass by a quarry. However, the dominant theme of this trail is charming Dvigrad which will be reached after 20.5 km of your ride. The ruins of a medieval city are an important historical and archaeological site. 
Dvigrad was already inhabited in prehistoric times, primarily due to its extraordinary strategic position, and archaeological finds confirm the continuity of the settlement in ancient times as well. In the early Middle Ages there were two castles here: Parentino was abandoned and Moncastelo continued to develop as Duecastelli (two towns) all until 1631. 

Technical characteristics:

The Captain Morgan and the Ghost Town trail is 23.8 km long and of medium difficulty. Its total altitude difference is 479 meters. It consists of 9.8 km of macadam road and 14 km of asphalted road. It is suitable for riding mountain, electric and trekking bikes. Driving on this trail does not pose any danger since the surface consists of smaller sized stones. Only rain calls for caution. During the ride we come to two uphill and as many downhill slopes. The first uphill Barat is at 4.9th km and is 4.6 km long. The second, 3.6 km long, uphill is Dvigrad, which will await you at the 20th km. The Lim downhill is found at the very beginning of the trail and is 1.2 km long. The second downhill Mrgani is located after 18.4 km and is 1.6 km long.


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