271Journey to the center of Istria: mysterious Draga

Itinerary description:

The Journey to Central Istria starts and finishes in the centre of the Municipality of Kanfanar and passes through Marići, Maružini, Matohanci, Sošići and the majestic Limska Draga Valley. Around two hundred metres from the start you will reach the first churches and chapels of Kanfanar that will accompany you along the first four kilometres of the trail. Once you have left the sacral heritage of the area of Kanfanar behind, you will be met by a two-kilometre long ride through landscaped woodlands and 9.1 kilometres later you will reach a quarry. Lovers of amazing sceneries and breath-taking views in the middle of natural surroundings will certainly be satisfied 13.8 kilometres after the start, where a break on the Limska Draga viewpoint is recommended. From kilometre 14.6 to kilometre 20.8, the track passes along this sublime Valley, and from kilometre 17.8 the part of the trail from where you will encounter various caves and ponds begins. The Journey to Central Istria trail is dominated by natural beauties among which the Limska Draga Valley is most definitely attraction number one. At the foot of the medieval town of Dvigrad you will discover the church of St. Mary of Lakuć while at the bottom of the Valley you should definitely take a moment to explore the St. Elijah’s church.

Technical characteristics: 

The trail of the majestic Draga is 32.0 km long where you can ride 24.9 km on a macadam road, with the remaining 8 km being on asphalt road. It is a medium-demanding trail with a total altitude difference of 531 metres. Riding mountain, trekking and electric bikes is recommended. Small stones may be found along the route that could be dangerous in case of dew or rain. The only uphill slope is Lim, 4.2 km long, which you will reach after a 28.1 km long ride. In this part the road is 4 metres wide. You will reach the 2.1 km long downhill slope after riding for 13.3 km, where the road is only one metre wide. From kilometre 13.3 to kilometre 15.2 of the trail, you can look forward to a 1.9 km long single track stage. This part of the road is also just one metre wide and includes several turns which require particular attention.


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