If you would like to depart from the city of art galleries, of enchanting churches and of baroque palaces and set out to the infinity of the magnificent views of the Kvarner bay where you can rinse your eyes with the healing tears of St Lucia – choose Bella vista trail and take the road from the upper part of Labin in the direction of Kranjci.

If you take the gravel path leading to Skitača through the Glušići hill – this trail will bring you to the highest point of the Labin area from which, as the name of the trail says, you can admire a magnificent view of the Kvarner bay and if conditions of visibility are optional you may also catch a glimpse of the features of Venice. If you would like to learn more about the place you will find out legend that still lives on, that of the brave inhabitants of Skitača who gained a glorious victory over the Turks after intercepting one of their boats near Crna Punta in the year 1661.

You can also find out why people with weak eyesight come to this place. Just to arouse your curiosity - at a distance of only 1 km from the well-equipped Mountain hut ”Skitača” there is a unique rock from which the healing water springs, the so called “tears of St Lucia” which, as the legend has it, can cure weak eyesight and eye problems. Take our advice: try it! Whether you believe in the legend of the tears of St Lucia or not, one thing is for sure – when you stay on this rock your eyes can see as far as neighbouring Italy! If you happen to be here over the weekend the well-equipped Mountain hut '’Skitača’’ will offer hospitality to any occasional visitor.

After admiring the magnificent panoramic view and inhaling penetrating fragrances of sage sprouting almost from bare rock, you will carry on biking on peaks of the Skitača peninsula. The route leads you partly on mountain roads, partly on gravel paths back to Labin, where your todays MTB adventure ends.


  • Bella vista (belvedere) ? rinse your eyes with the ?Tears of St Lucia? ? (healing water of St Lucia and belvedere Skitača - the Kvarner bay in the palm of your hand)
  • Ravni ? magnificent beaches, a ?paradise for surfers?

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  • Labin, ?Due fratelli?, Montozi 6, tel. 052 / 853 577
  • Labin, ?Rogočana?, Rogočana 1, tel. 052 / 852 576
  • Plomin, ?Kod Dorine?, Plomin 54, tel. 052 / 863 023
  • Rabac, ?Nostromo?, Obala m. Tita 7, tel. 052 / 872 601
  • Sv. Nedelja, ?Pineta?, Sv. Martin 32b, tel. 052 / 865 688
  • Plomin, ?Riva?, Luka Plomin bb, tel. 052 / 863 404
  • Kršan, ?Konoba Stare staze?, Kršan 26, tel. 052 / 863 259

Wine roads

  • Pićan, ?Goran Baćac?, Kukurini 16, tel. 052 / 869 105
  • Raša, ?Doriano Licul?, Brgod 40, tel. 052 / 875 063
  • Sv. Nedelja, ?Florian Radičanin?, Sv. Martin 32b, tel. 052 / 865 688
  • Sv. Nedelja, ?Romeo Licul?, Sv. Nedelja 67, tel. 052 / 865 401
  • Kršan, ?Vina Zlatka?, Čepić 17, tel. 052 / 867 424
  • Pićan, ?Vina Ružić?, Most Pićan 2b, tel. 052 / 885 333
  • Pićan, ?Siniša Sergo?, Sv. Katarina 59, tel. 052 / 850 653

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