From the center of Buje after the traffic lights ride towards Pula and follow-ing the directions before the crossroad with the state road to Pula turn right to the macadam path. The ride gets to a small bridge where an uphill starts along the left side of Kastanjari hill. We reach a macadam road that leads to the top hill, continue turning left and through vineyards reach the road arriving to Donje Baredine. Along the macadam ride downhill to the Mirna river valley am then until Ponte Porton. A five kilometres long uphill to Groznjan follows. From Groznjan we climb until Peroj and then along the Parenzana trail we come back to Buje.

What to visit Start from Buje, little picturesque town that dominates the whole area of north-western Istria up on the hill with its two bell towers and five edge fortress. Have a break and visit the cultural and historical sights of the old town core, the ethnographical museum as a treasury of traditional lifestyle as well as the valuable exhibition in the Orsola gallery. You can try the specialties of various restaurants and konobas, as well as top quality home made wines and oil types that have chosen to start their activities right there between the old town walls. We are sure you will enjoy the beautiful scenario starting from the Adriatic Sea all the way to the Alps.
After riding through the home of olives we reach Donje Baredine where it is worth to visit one of the many exhibitions parts of the Tigor gallery. The owner will be delighted by your visit and he will host cyclists with pleasure as well as give useful information and advice for the following downhill ride through the valley of the longest Istrian River Mirna.
Before going uphill to Groznjan you have to be courageous for the challenging ride downhill which will be a worthy one for sure. It is difficult to explain with words the beauty waiting for you in Groznjan, town of artists, galleries and vivid street life that leaves no one indifferent. In this cute little town a traveller must definitely stop and feel its special atmosphere.


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