Start from the tourist village Katoro heading towards Murine, through Galici and Saint Vid reaching Vilanija. In Vilanija proceed to Vardica and Goli vrh fol-lowing the directions turning left to the woods. We pass under the high road Istrian epsilon and continue along the fence until the asphalt where we turn left again. After some hundred meters turn right to the macadam path where we will reach Buje close to the Cupiga hill. From Buje the path goes downhill to Vinela and then right to Jurcanija, Volpija, Kastel and Kaldanija until hotel Mulino.
Along the Parenzana track proceed to Kanegra then towards Crveni vrh and through Medigija and Kortina back to Katoro.

What to visit This road leads through the green inland of Umag and invites for an authentic experience of Istria once and today, combining together valuable points, interest-ing for different age groups. A family will therefore gladly have a stop at the Goli vrh ranch and watch the horses, try riding or get an appointment of a riding class whereas for adventure and history lovers the top hill town of Buje will awaken their fantasy. With its two bell towers and the five edge fortress, Buje dominates north-western Istria reaching all the way to the Alps.
Strong points of Buje are the old town core with the magnificent church, bell tower and view point along with the Ethnographical Museum hosting the collection of old Istrian cuisine, oil factory and craft factories.
Don’t miss visiting the exhibition in the town gallery Orsola and the school of making stained glass.

Buje doesn’t stay back in the culinary discipline either – try the specialties of restaurants and konobas situated in the old town but visit wine and olive oil producers that have chosen to start their activities right there between the old town walls. On the way back stop in Volpija and have a rest in the famous rural hotel La Parenzana. This place hosts and reveals the history of the old rail road Parenzana that used to connect Trieste and Porec and whose route has been turned into a walking and cycling path. The road leads along the beautiful casino hotel Mulino and along the left riverside of Dragonja, situated on the very border of Croatia and Slovenia.
In the penultimate part, this path offers a spectacular view to the Savudrija bay and Piran saline while on Crveni vrh you can carefully stop and close to the big golf area admire the playground which fits perfectly in the natural surroundings of hills and valleys, already awarded by design recognition.


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