Start from Zrenj towards Oprtalj arriving in Jakusi after 3 km. Head through Markovići and Čepić to Šterna and after 1 km of paved road take the trail to Sveti Ivan and Vrh to Oprtalj. From Oprtalj, through Sv. Lucija and Laganiš you arrive to the village of Žnjidarići. Carry on an unpaved trail to the village of Čabrnica and finally to the starting point in Zrenj.

What to visit Along this route you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy in the beautiful hilly landscape, typical villages, and cultural heritage. The most attractive locations are the following, the ruins of the medieval castle Pietra Peloza, the picturesque Oprtalj, a small town that used to be an important medieval centre of this part of Istria, where you should visit the loggia and the collection of stone monumentsthe churches of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of St. Rocco decorated with frescoes. The agrotourism Tončić and Gardina in the village Čabrnica near Zrenj offers great meals in a homey atmosphere.


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