Start from the parking lot of hotel Nautica towards the centre of Novigrad, continue to Rivarela where we leave the town. On the roundabout follow directions to Buje until reaching Brtonigla. Turn left towards Fernetici and Buroli. In Buroli turn right to the main road Buje-Umag. The road takes us left to Juricani where we turn left and passing the villages of Kranceti, Sverki, Gornji Babici and Skrinjari we reach the main road Umag-Novigrad. Turn left and then through Karigador and Dajla continue to Novigrad, but on the roundabout turn right for Karpinjan and along the seaside we reach our starting point, parking of hotel Nautica.

What to visit The road from Neapolis to Novigrad offers a vivid insight to the typical Istrian lifestyle and culture as well as an opportunity for an active holiday and explor-ing. You can start immediately in Novigrad, little seaside town with a rich his-tory and cultural heritage which is mentioned in antique sources with the name Neapolis. In the centre you can see the contemporary museum Lapidarium con-serving one of the largest collections of stone monuments in Croatia, as well as the famous Rigo, small art worldly known gallery. Agata Gallery, Saint Anton church, homestead of the count Rigo in Karpinjan and the countryside palace in Dajla are reminders of an interesting past and culture of these territories. You will be able to discover those on two wheels along this attractive cycling path. Apart from the palace in Dajla, one of the rare monuments from the neoclassical period, you can have a stop in the wine cellar Skrilj or Palcic and taste some good local wine.

Passing through the area of winegrowing and green Brtonigla in the inland you will encounter various wine roads, homes to some of the best Istrian wine producers as well as comfortable konobas and nice agro tourism households, known for its kindness and spirit of typical Istrian village. There is also the unique Mramornica cave near the village Draskovici which attracts curious peo-ple from all around Europe. Going back towards the sea, enjoy the ride through vineyards, olive groves and orchards and end up your day having dinner in one of the extraordinary Novigrad restaurants.


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