Itinerary description:

Although exceptionally short (18.3 km), the Magical Archipelago trail is particularly interesting. The section that begins and ends at the bus station in Vrsar passes by Kapetanova Stancija, Finida and Funtane and offers a lot of sites that are certainly recommended to visit. 

Along the first part of the trail there is the Old Castle and then you reach Vrsar sports airport. The ride continues to the forest of Kontija. The trail leads further to the Pirate’s Cave and you can rest at the monastery of St. Michael, located at the edge of the Kontija forest. 
It is worth stopping near the Magical Archipelago trail, at the Kontija forest vegetation reserve and the Mukaba viewpoint because you will have a chance to experience one of the most stunning views of the Lim Bay.

Technical Specifications:

Short and easy. This is how the Magical Archipelago trail can be described, which is mainly ridden on macadam with shorter sections of dirt or asphalted road. However, the macadam part is not challenging as it is covered with small or medium sized stones, with no sharp edges, so the level of sliding is also negligible. Mountain bikes are recommended, but the trail can be passed by trekking bikes as well as electric ones. The altitude difference is 150 meters only and there are no significant up and downhill slopes. 


  • Following the steps of Casanova: the Mediterranean romance of Vrsar
  • A flight over 18 islets of the Vrsar archipelago: the airport Crljenka
  • The eremite?s shelter: the cave of St. Romuald over Lim
  • The magical forest: Kontija
  • Kloštar - the Benedictine monastery of St. Michael

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Gastronomic guide

  • Marina, Obala maršala Tita 4, tel. 052 / 441 052
  • Mariva, Dalmatinska 16, tel. 052 / 442 930
  • Mirabel, Obala maršala Tita 31, tel. 052 / 441 672
  • Trošt, Obala maršala Tita 1a, tel. 052 / 445 197
  • Viking, Limski kanal, tel. 052 / 448 223
  • Lim fjord, Limski kanal 1, tel. 052 / 448 222

Wine roads

  • Krunčići, Sveti Lovreč ?Vina Matošević?, tel. 098 367 339
  • Baderna, Katun 1, ?Aleksandar Tidić?, tel. 052 / 462 341, 098 254 296

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