Start on the parking lot neat the football field along the narrow road uphill until you reach the road Grožnjan-Buje; turn left and pass crossing with the main road (attention, traffic!) uphill towards Buje. At 1.3 km turn right to the one-way street which leads to the centre of Buje; descend along the narrow road back to the main road (2.8 km); continue on the right downhill in the direction of Umag to 5.1 km; turn right to the side road, direction of “Kaldanija”. You will come across a side road where you turn right; carry on to 9.4 km; then cross the main road (attention, traffic!) and you will come to the village of Volpija. In front of the rural hotel “Parenzana” turn left and ride to 11 km; now turn left to the main road (attention, traffic!); already at 11.4 km turn right towards Kremenje. At 14.1 km you will come to Kremenje; turn left on the crossroads and at 14.3 km turn left again to the side road for “Oskoruš”.
Head through vineyards to 17.9 km; then turn right towards Momjan and go uphill; on the crossroads in Momjan (18.9 km) turn left and continue uphill through the village of Sv. Mauro to Črnci where right after the signpost (21.1 km) you turn right downhill to Marušići. In Marušići turn right on the crossroads and on 24.1 km turn left on the road for ‘Grožnjan”. At 27.7 km you will come to the road Buje-Grožnjan, turn left and ride straight to Grožnjan. From Grožnjan take the same road back to the village of Stanica; turn left uphill, ride to the fork road at 31.6 km and turn right uphill. On 33.4 km you will come to Krasica on the main road; turn right uphill and ride along the main road to Buje and the departure point. Attention on the traffic on the main road!

The most interesting part of this route is its second part. It passes at the foot of Momjan through the valley of the river Arđila where you will find vineyards, a waterfall, the town Momjan and its famous castle, and several wine cellars that offer top quality wines. We recommend the wine cellar Kabola where you can try the renowned Muscato from Momjan, and the wine cellars Rino and Stari Podrum. If you want to try the local cuisine and local specialties with wild asparagus, truffles, and wild game, visit the agro-tourism Sv. Mauro in Momjan, tavern Furia in Smilovići, rural hotel La Parenzana in Volpija, and restaurant Pjero in Kremenje. From Momjan the route goes uphill to 322 m from where you can enjoy in the exceptional view on the surrounding valleys. The last town on the route is Grožnjan, a picturesque medieval town with numerous art galleries and ateliers which gave it the name of the “town of artists”. Wine and truffles products can be tasted in the Zigante store in Grožnjan


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