Start in tourist settlement Katoro and on the main road immediately turn right; at 0.5 km turn left to the side road towards the village of Murine. At 2.0 km you will come across a side road where you have to turn right and ride for about 400 metres (until the “konoba”), and there turn left to the village. Continue along the winding small road through the settlement always following the direction of the road. On 3.7 km the road forks, continue to the right. Come to the main road (at-tention, traffic!), turn left and continue straight through the villages of Kmeti and Marija na Krasu to the village of Korsija. Turn right towards the village of Buščina.
At the end of Buščina you will come across a side road where you turn right and continue through villages of Farnezina and Vilanija. At 10 km turn left on the small road towards the village of Vardica and keep riding straight to the village of Juricani where you turn right on the main road (attention, traffic!). After only 200 m down the main road, turn left to the side road towards Wine Roads and Olive Oil Roads. At 13.9 km you will come across a side road, turn right and continue straight through the villages of Čepljani and Zakinji after which you turn left on the side road at 15.5 km. Continue straight ahead to the village of Babići, and at the fork road continue left to the village of Škrinjari. On the crossroads turn right in the direction of Lovrečica (pay attention to the traffic on the crossroads before Lovrečica!) Ride straight to Lovrečica and in the village turn right in the direction of Umag.
Follow the secondary roads by the sea and occasionally the main road all the way until you arrive to a small church by the sea at 22.4 km. Take the right turn into the village of Špina and go to the small road which goes through the village and leads to the main road (attention, traffic!); turn left and ride to the centre of Umag. Return to Katoro along the small road on the coast which goes through the marina and tourist settlements Punta and Stella Maris.

Tavern “Buščina” in Buščina and tavern “Nono” in Petrovija offer traditional Istrian cuisine with local specialties made with truffles and wild asparagus, and a special delicacy - meat of Istrian cattle (prior reservation needed); wine cellar Coronica in Korenike - producer of one of the most appreciated Malvasia wines; wine cellar and olive oil production with tasting parlour CUJ - Kraljević in Farežine; church organ from 1773, the oldest in Istria, in St Lawrence church in Lovrečica. The Horse Centre Goli vrh offers organized horse riding excursions through the local forest trails (prior reservation needed).


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