Shortly after starting in the tourist settlement Katoro the route turns left on the main road and continues straight through the villages of Zambratija and Bašanija (attention, traffic!). At 3.7 km in Bašanija turn left in the village centre and de-scent towards the sea and the lighthouse. Continue on the side road along the coast until arriving back on the main road and take a left (attention, traffic!).

Continue straight, at 6,9 km turn right and take the trail through the acres. At 7.3 km when you arrive to the side road take a right towards the village Alberi, pass through the village Crveni Vrh near the golf court and you will arrive to the village Medigija on a side road where you turn left. At 14.7 km you will come across a small side road that goes right towards the village Valica. Take this road and continue straight to the village Kmeti. Here the route goes on a somewhat busy road so pay attention to the traffic. Turn left on the main road and ride through the villages Sv. Marija na Krasu and Korsija where you have to turn right towards the village of Buščina. At the end of the village Buščina you will come across a side road where you turn right and continue straight through the vil-lages of Farnezine and Vilanija to Petrovija.

In Petrovija take a right turn in the direction of Umag and after only about 10 metres again turn right towards the village of Jeci (attention to traffic in Petrovija!) After the village of Jeci continue along the unpaved road for approximately 1 km until you arrive to the paved road. Turn left on the paved road and descend to the town waterfront and town square in Umag.

Return to Katoro along the road by the sea which goes through the marina and tourist settlements Punta and Stella Maris. What to visit The lighthouse in Savudria, Alberi - beautiful view of Piran Bay; Wine cellar Degrassi in Bašanija - one of the leading Croatian wine producers; Extra-virgin olive oil tasting parlour Pavlović in Frančeskija, Umag; restaurants in Savudrija widely known for excellent fish food; Town Museum in Umag with its archaeological collections; Archaeological site Cape Tiola (“Rt Tiola”) in Katoro; Tavern “Buščina” that offers traditional Istrian cuisine with local spe-cialties made with truffles and wild asparagus, and a special delicacy - meat of Istrian cattle (prior reservation needed).


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