Welcome to the trail Buzet West that takes us to explore the colorful scenery of northern Istria. Our start point is at the foot of the mountain range of Ćićarija, where a small town of Buzet is situated. Known as Pinquentium during the ancient Roman period, with its old core situated on a magnificent hilltop 153 m high, Buzet is today widely renowned as the City of Truffles thanks to the delicious tuber whose best „preserves“ in Istria have been situated in the forests nearby, spreading along the river Mirna valley. A medieval fortress controlled by an Aquilean patriarch and later, by various feudal lords, Buzet has attained its present appearance mainly during the Venetian rule in the period from 1421 to 1797. By no means do not miss out the parish church of St. Mary's Assumption at the main square, carved out of bedrock, the parish church of St. George featuring some very precious furnishings and a baroque fountain, one of the most beautiful existing city fountains in Istria, renovated back in 1789. Besides, visit a local county museum situated in Bigato mansion, exhibiting a rich archeological, ethnographic and historic collection including replicas of medieval murals and frescoes as well as casts of Glagolitic inscriptions.

Take a descent from Buzet leading to Rumeni (towards Ćićarija) and Mažinjica, riding through the commercial area of Buzet, until you have spotted the magic outlines of the magnificent Pietrapilosa Citadel. Posted on the elevated, steep rock dominating over a wider area along the small river of Bračana, during the medieval period, the Pietrapilosa Citadel used to be a stronghold erected for the purpose of being an important strategic site. For centuries, a perfect military and defense post from which every movement by road or through the fields of a large valley could be controlled.

For those who do not wish to return to Buzet by riding over the Mirna valley and who are constantly in search for adventure, there is always an alternative: follow the trail that leads to the ascent towards Zrenj and your effort will be worthily rewarded; right in front of you, at the top of the hillock - a medieval little town of Oprtalj will apear. Oprtalj has a well-preserved medieval layout, narrow streets, squares, magnificent Venetian mansions, gates and archways and particularly, a unique view at the whole of Istria extending from its Municipal Loggia, as some say, the most beautiful loggia in Istria.

To reach Livade, we have to descend and then, passing through the thermal resort of Istarske toplice, head slowly back across the river Mirna valley to your starting point, the city of Buzet.


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Olive oil road

  • Buzet, Miro Petohleb, S. Konzula 6, tel. 052/662-750
  • Buzet, Damir Sirotić, Sovinjsko polje bb, tel. 052/663-027
  • Buzet, Dorjan Jakac, Veli Mlun 12, tel. 052/662-924
  • Brnozi - Sovinjak, Sergio Černeka, 052/663-058,
  • Pigini - Sovinjak, Vlado Jerman, 052/663-087,


Gastronomic guide

  • Buzet, ?Mlini?, Mlinić 54, tel. 052/669-057
  • Buzet, ?Toklarija?, Sovinjsko Polje 11, tel. 052/663-031, GSM: 091/501-8106
  • Buzet, ?Vrh?, Vrh 1, tel. 052/667-123
  • Buzet, ?Stara oštarija?, Petra Flega 5, tel. 052/694-003
  • Ročko polje, ?Daniela?, Ročko polje 79, tel. 052/666-600
  • Hum, ?Konoba Hum?, Hum, tel. 052/660-005
  • Roč, ?Humska konoba?, Hum 2, tel. 052/660-005

  • Kolinasi, Konoba "Kolinasi", Kolinasi, tel. 091/2281-954, 052/666-655; 11:00-23:00h, utorkom zatvoreno
  • Prodani, Konoba "Zlatni breg", tel. 052/665-180; 11:00-23:00h, kapacitet 54 + 20 mjesta (terasa); ponedjeljkom zatvoreno
  • Kozari, Konoba "Volte", tel. 052/665-210; 12:00-23:00h, utorkom zatvoreno
  • Franečići, Gostiona "Paladin", tel. 052/662-061; 9:00-21:00h, nedjeljom zatvoreno
  • Most, Gostiona "Most", tel. 052/662-867; 11:00-22:00,srijedom zatvoreno
  • Sovinjak, Agroturizam "Karoca", tel. 052/663-039; 13:00-22:00, sub/ned

Wine roads

  • Buzet, Nevio Petohleb, Vrh 2, tel. 052 / 667 123
  • Buzet, Dorjan Jakac, Veli Mlun 12, tel. 052 / 662 924
  • Buzet, Damir Sirotić, Sovinjsko polje bb, tel. 052 / 663 027
  • Buzet, Dario Sirotić, Medveje 8, tel. 052 / 667 194
  • Buzet, Adriano Černeka, Medveje 4, tel. 052 / 667 185
  • Buzet, Miro Petohleb, S. Konzula 6, tel. 052 / 662 750
  • Buzet, Anton Grbac, Vrh 5, tel. 052 / 667 130
  • Buzet, Franko Grbac, Vrh 18, tel. 091 532 5120
  • Buzet, Sergio Vivoda, Veli Mlun 23, tel. 052 / 662 913
  • Buzet, Ivan Jermaniš, Kjeka 10, tel. 052 / 667 141
  • Buzet, Diego Nežić, Maruškići 30, tel. 052 / 662 293
  • Zamaski dol, Vinarija Matijašić, Pekasi, tel. 052 / 682 126
  • Čela, Edvin Petohleb, Čela, GSM: 091/507-9973
  • Trkusi (u dolini Pračane), Obitelj Markežić, tel. 052/669-158

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