464Overlooking Fields and Vineyards

The Istrian Demarcation, a document written in Glagolitic script, is considered by many as one of the most important medieval documents from which one can get a glimpse of the social and economic life of medieval Istria. It was found in the Kršan citadel, and it testifies to the development of human rights in Croatia. Enter this fortified city through the old city gates, visit the preserved square tower and the well that defy time and attract with their mystical beauty.

The route takes you from Kršan in the direction of the picturesque small villages of Boljevići and Lazarići, where you will enjoy the views of the landscaped flower gardens. What follows is the descent into the valley of the river Raša, which connects with numerous watercourses precisely in Potpićan. When you arrive in Potpićan, the time machine will take you back to the 1950s, when the settlement was built for the needs of miners who worked in coal mines in the vicinity of Raša.

Here, you can enjoy a 5 km ride along the creek Vlaški potok, followed by the most demanding part of the route, the ascent in the direction of the small village of Zankovci and the mountain pass at 235 m altitude. Small picturesque villages, numerous old stone houses and landscaped vineyards will attract your attention.

From there you will start a well-earned descent to Čepić Field, where you can ride along its western border along numerous picturesque villages, cultivated fields, well-kept luxury holiday homes, all the while enjoying a sense of complete peace and quietness. At the end of the ride, treat your taste buds to some delicious traditional dishes. Taste dishes made from wild herbs or the most famous dish of this region – krafi, pasta filled with cheese. And, if you are lucky enough to hear the sound of two-part playing from a typical Istrian instrument – the sopela, the experience will be complete.


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