This is a short MTB tour, which runs circularly through peaceful landscape of Poreč countryside. The tour starts towards hinterland and returns to Poreč along the coast.

We start on the famous Parenzana trail, shortly we turn on to single trails and country roads, that take us to Baredine cave. Here you can make a break to visit the cave or have a drink. We continue on single trails, through wooded area towards the sea. We arrive to the coast close to Červar Porat; the trail is passing by the archeological site of roman Villa rustica which in ancient times produced the amphorae for transport of wine and olive oil. From Červar, the coastal path leads through the area of authentic wild beaches. This part of the coast has kept its original state from times before the touristic boom; today it is a popular spot for all the beach goers, which like wild and pristine beaches. 

Villages on the tour:

-        Nova Vas, Baredine, Červar Porat


-        Baredine, Maslinik - Ulika, Villa Rustica, Parenzana


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