This short MTB tour is a typical example of varied terrain in this part of Istria. It is an excellent choice for a short, sporty outing in the nature.

The tour starts from Poreč following the path of the Aust Hungarian railway, Parenzana. But soon we will bike true a deep forest passing the village Kosinožići  an coming to Žbandaj (be cautious when you cross the main road). From here, the trail becomes even more interesting and dynamic.  Forest trails and country roads lead through Valkarin and Musalež to St. Bečić; home of the 2.5 km long XC course built by the local bike club.  The short racecourse is a real treat for riders that are more ambitious. From St. Bečić we ride on shady forest trails back to Poreč coast near Brulo resort area.

Villages on the tour: Žbandaj, Kosinožići, Dračevac, St. Bečić

POI: St. Bečić - XC course


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