This tour is an excellent choice for all those who like to ride through the nature, far away from traffic and busy resort areas. We start from Poreč; passing through village Varvari, we follow the itinerary of the old roman road, Maximus Agri that in antique times used to connect Poreč with Istrian hinterland. Close to Jehnići, we cross the highway and former border of antique Poreč Ager. In the village Katun, we turn left and continue to Višnjan. This ancient town is a great spot for a break. We suggest a short stroll through the old town and a visit to town Loggia which offers a fabulous view of the north Poreč countryside and Adriatic coast. From Višnjan the tour continues on forest trails towards Kosinožići. In spring times, these forests are popular finding grounds of wild asparagus; it is quite common to meet the locals in search of this popular delicacy. From Kosinožići we continue on country roads and forest trails towards Poreč. At the very end of the tour, we join the popular Parenzana railroad trail, which leads us back to town center.

Villages on the tour:

-        Poreč, Varvari, Filipini, Jehnići, Ženodraga, Katun, Barat, Višnjan, Vežnaveri, Kosinožići.


-        Barat, Višnjan, Parenzana


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