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Itinerary description:

From central Istria to its western coast and back – this is an itinerary offered by the Venetian Heritage, a cycling trail that starts and finishes in the central square in Svetvinčenat. After passing through Smoljanci and Krmed you will reach the sea in Lim Bay. The road then leads through Flengi to the entrance to Vrsar where you will have the chance of enjoying the picturesque town contours and tasteful gourmet offer in the local restaurants, which offer fish as their main delicacy. The return towards Svetvinčenat through local, low frequency roads, will offer additional pleasure within the picturesque natural areas of this part of the Istrian peninsula. Funtana, Mugeba, Šušnjići, Sveti Lovreč and Kanfanar are just some of the interesting places that our itinerary touches.  

Technical specifications:

 Venetian Heritage is a trail intended for well-prepared amateur cyclists, but it can be completed by those with less experience as it is not too demanding. The gear ratio does not need to be adjusted. In order to complete the trail without any great difficulty, the 36x28 gear ratio will be sufficient. The trail is 79 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 720 metres. The highest point is at 311 metres and the lowest at only one metre above sea level. For completion of this trail that passes exclusively on asphalt roads you will need between 3 hours to 3 hours and 45 minutes. 


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