681The Wild Beauty of Eastern Coast

Itinerary description:

Trail num. 681 is extremely attractive, but at the same time very demanding. Professional cyclists use it for training in the initial stages of their preparation, which speaks enough about the route. However, the trail that leads from central Istria to the attractive eastern coast of the peninsula offers a number of locations where many people would like to live or have a holiday home. The most spectacular city is most certainly Labin, which is special thanks to its old town centre that has hosted the finish lines of a large number of cycling races, including some of international ones.At the end of this trail you are sure to be happy with the itinerary you have just completed as well as with everything you had the opportunity to see. The trail starts at the central square in Svetvinčenat, the popular Plac, and along with a number of smaller towns and villages leads you through Barban, Most Raša, Vozilići, Potpićan, Sveta Katarina and Žminj.

Technical specifications:

Already the fact that the trail is 102 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 1,490 metres speaks enough about its difficulty. The highest point is at 436 metres above sea level and the lowest at only 2 metres. The climb that starts at kilometre 26 in Trget is stepped and in some parts the steepness is 12%. The climb that follows is the one that leads to Skitača, which starts at the 38th kilometre and the incline is continuous, amounting to 7-8%. You should be extremely careful during the downhill that starts at the 42nd kilometre as it is steep and narrow and you will also develop high speed. The curves are completely closed and the braking distance is quite long. The last real climb on this trail starts at the 76th kilometre. Here you will also come to a 1 kilometre long section with a 10% incline. For the average recreational rider it is necessary to adjust the gear ratio to a minimum of 34x28. This demanding trail requires between 3 hours 50min and 4 hours 30min cycling. 


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