Itinerary description:

If you want to become more familiar with the places in the interior of the largest Adriatic peninsula, then the trail that leads to the heart of green Istria is ideal to cope with your curiosity. The start and finish are in St. Valentine Square in Kanfanar, located in the centre of the peninsula, and the ride will take you through Modrušani, Gradišće, Benčići, Rudani, Balići, Batlug, Katun Lindarski and Žminj, the only large town of your itinerary.Before your return to Kanfanar, Antončići and Pifari also await you. We believe that the ride along the arranged settlements will additionally fulfil this excellent cycling experience. The trail is ideal for relaxation, regardless of whether you are riding alone or in a group. We also recommend it to families as it passes along local roads where traffic is extremely rare.

Technical specifications:

The 37 kilometres long trail num. 283 is not at all demanding when it comes to configuration. Regular bikes will be sufficient to complete this route. The total altitude difference is 220 metres, with the highest point being at 408 metres above sea level, and the lowest at 274 metres. From the first to the last turn of the pedal, the ride takes place along an asphalt road. Those who can ride at a slightly higher pace should complete the trail in one hour and 25 minutes, while those travelling at a less sustained rhythm will probably need about two hours.


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