282Tour from Kanfanar

The cycling trail num. 282 is dynamic from the start. Its first kilometres can be described as “dramatic”, but it soon becomes tamer and the road leads you to the centre of Vrsar. In this extraordinary tourist destination you will be welcomed by a rich offer of refreshments and relaxation for all of your senses. It will probably exhaust you, but when you reach the top of the climb close to the settlement of Barat there are just 9,6 kilometres left to the finish line. The trail starts and ends in St. Valentine’s Square in Kanfanar, and during the ride you will pass by several small and interesting villages such as Červari and Flengi.

The "Kanfanar circle" is a medium-demanding bike trail with a length of 70.3 kilometres, with a difference in height of 1015 metres. The lowest point is at 2 metres above sea level and the highest at 283 metres. To complete the entire trail you will need a certain level of preparation, but with regard to technical complexity and configuration it is not too demanding. Gear ratio 35x28 should be sufficient for this. Roads are excellent, completely asphalted, and the trail mainly passes along local roads. The most well-prepared cyclists should complete this trail in 2 hours and 14 minutes, whilst others may need another 30 minutes.

The longest climb: Dvigrad-Kanfanar - 3,7 km ; 4,6%; 171 m

The longest descent: Kanfanar - Dvigrad - 3,7km; -4,6%


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