28198 KM FOR 98 VIEWS

Itinerary description:

When it comes to trail no. 281 then you really should not beat about the bush: do not even try to undertake it if you're not well trained and do not have custom gear on your bikes. However, on the other hand, there are a lot of other sites along the way just waiting to be discovered, where you can take refreshment and enjoy the views, absorbing the beauty. The landscape through which it passes is enchanting, so even the toughest parts will seem easier than they really are. The trail starts and ends on St. Valentine Square in Kanfanar, and, amongst other places, passes through Sveti Petar u Šumi, Karojba, Motovun, by the Butoniga Lake, Kaščerga, Baderna and Sveti Lovreč. 

Technical specifications:

The trail is demanding, being 98 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 1,430 metres. The highest point is at 424 metres above sea level, while the lowest is at 10 metres. From start to finish, the trail is on an asphalt road. The climb to Kašćerga, which starts at the 45th km, is one of the most difficult in Istria. It is constant and at some points steeper than 14%, so be prepared for 20 minutes of continuous climbing. In order to reach the top more easily, we recommend a gear ratio of at least 34x29. You will need 4h - 4h:30m to complete this trail. 


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