241Trail of 365 Flavours

Itinerary description:

If you are a cycling enthusiast who loves to rest and eat well, then itinerary no. 241 is the perfect choice for you. It is a gourmet itinerary that will take you to a number of Istrian taverns and restaurants. Furthermore you will also be delighted with impressive landscapes along the way, making this a truly complete excursion. The start and the finish line are in the town of Bale, whilst the ride towards central Istria passes through Tinjan, widely known for its prosciutto fair, then through Sveti Petar u Šumi, Žminj and Barban, the farthest point away from the start, as well as through Svetvinčenat and alongside its attractive Morosini-Grimani castle. 

Technical specifications:

One of the advantages of this 86 kilometre long trail is the light traffic with regard to private cars on the asphalt roads along the way. It is a rather demanding trail with a total altitude difference of 810 metres, with the highest point being at 384 metres and the lowest at 10 metres above sea level. The specificity of the trail is represented by the downhill slope from Tinjan towards Sveti Petar u Šumi, where two serpentines await you, we therefore recommend extra vigilance here. Standard gear ratio will be quite sufficient for this route, which can be mastered by the fittest cyclists in just over three hours, and for those who are a little less prepared in 3h:45m


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