213Rovinj Triangle

Trail no. 213 is in the form of a triangle on top of which we can find Rovinj, and more precisely the Valdibora parking lot where the itinerary starts and finishes, followed by the village of Putini and the medieval town of Bale dominated by the imposing building of the Soardo-Bembo palace. Bale is full of charming narrow streets that really should not be missed. What characterises this route are the excellent and unspoilt roads of the Rovinj area, which, over an easy ride, enable cyclists to experience the pleasure of sightseeing the places through which they pass. In addition to the afore-mentioned points, the trail also passes through Rovinjsko Selo. The itinerary is designed in such a way that even the least prepared cyclist can overcome it, whilst at the same time enjoying the picturesque landscape.


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