Itinerary description:

The 202 trail extends over 27.5 km. The first and last laps of the pedal are in the Polari, and during the ride you will pass by several famous points of beautiful scenery. The first being the Monkodonja prehistoric fortress, an archaeological site that is 5 km from Rovinj, which you will encounter after a ride of about 2.6 km. The next point, after a ride of 6.8 km, which should definitely be visited, is the tiny Church of Saint Mary of the Snows, which dates back to the 15th century. 
The charm of Istrian nature, especially the coastal parts, can be seen from the viewpoint of Lim, which has become a favourite stopping point for all those who move on two or four wheels. From this location a wonderful view extends that is truly unforgettable, particularly if the weather is in your favour. 
In the last third of the trail you will also be welcomed by the Church of St. Thomas, built at the end of the 8th or at the beginning of the 9th century which is located just next to the rails of the old Rovinj - Kanfanar railway line. The last special part of this not too demanding trail is the old railroad bridge below which it passes.

Tehnical Characteristics: 

Thanks to its configuration and its length of just over 27 km, the trail is quite easy. It consists of 22.7 km of tarmac road and 4.6 km of asphalted road. The overall altitude difference is 350 meters, which makes it easy to ride. It best suits riders on mountain or electric bikes, although other types of bikes are not recommended. Stones on the macadam road are, in some parts, medium to rough with slightly sharp edges whilst the sliding level is of medium intensity. At 4.7 km, there is a technically demanding uphill part due to the terrain configuration itself and the unstable surface. It is 1.4 km long, with the trail width being around 1 meter, and the uphill has an average 6.2% slope.  


  • The Saint who arrived by sea in a sarcophagus floating to the shores of Rovinj (the church of St Eufemia)
  • All churches of Rovinj
  • A postcard of Rovinj: a magnificent view from Figarola
  • The Carolingian heritage: the church of St Thomas
  • Rovinjsko selo founded in the year 1526

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Olive oil road

  • Rovinjsko selo, ?Miro Pokrajac?
    Rovinjsko selo 50, tel. 052 / 816 308, 098 441 001


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  • Rovinj, ?Al Castaldo?
    Iza kasarne 14, tel. 052 / 814 109
  • Rovinj, ?Angelo d`oro?
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  • Limski kanal, ?Viking?
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  • Kanfanar, ?Matohanci?
    Matohanci 16, tel. 052 / 848 394

Wine roads

  • Rovinj, ?Igor & Viliam Žužić?
    Valderiso, tel. 052 / 848 502, 098 275 901

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