Itinerary description:

The On the Hermit's Trail will take you through the landscapes above the Lim Channel where the enchanting natural beauties of this area interlace with mystical sacral heritage.The Vrsar waterfront, with its breath-taking view, is the place where you will start and finish your adventure that will take you through olive groves, the highly recognisable Istrian landscape, as well as the Kontija Forest, a protected forest vegetation reserve.During the first part of the trail you should rest by the Romanesque, rather monumental basilica of Saint Mary of the Sea in the Vrsar's harbour. Along the second part of the trail, in Kloštar, you will discover the remains of St. Michael's Monastery above Lim which was built from 1001 until 1002 by St. Romuald. He was the son of a nobleman from Ravenna who chose a hermit's life. After completing the monastery he decided to return to his solitary life spending a further couple of years in Istria, on the Lim Channel shores. It was firstly in the Pirate's Cave but then he ran away from the curious to a more secluded one which, according to legend, was settled by demons and dark forces. Today, the spacious, 105 metre long cave is named after him, as is our trail, where it would be a real sin not to stop at the Lim viewpoint because of the magnificent sight over the mysterious Lim Bay.

Technical characteristics: 

The On the Hermit's Trail cycling route is suitable for all cycling enthusiasts, firstly because of its length, which does not exceed 9.5 km and also thanks to the total altitude difference of 149 meters. The larger part of the trail, more precisely 7.5 km of it, stretches over macadam road, while the remaining 2 km passes on an asphalt road. Riders of mountain, trekking and electric bikes will gain the most enjoyment on this trail. Depending on your riding speed, the trail can be completed in between 45 minutes to an hour.


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