221Stories from a Woodman's Cottage

Itinerary description:

Stories from a Woodman's Cottage will lead you to experience a cycling trail that starts in the Zlatni Rt-Punta Corrente Park Forest, continues to the Cape of Škaraba and its dense pine forest, around the idyllic contours of the Kuvi-Cuvi Bay, Staza Mira and Centenera streets, along the basketball courts and back to Punta Corrente that was proclaimed a natural rarity back in 1948. At the entrance to this protected area of the Park Forest take a break in the woodman's cottage built between 1908 and 1909 which today is a mini-museum dedicated to the Hütterott family who owned the park at the end of the 19th century. With an idea of building a climatic health resort, Count Johann Georg Hütterott set out a botanical garden with walkways, meadows and promenades on the peninsula of Montauro and this is how this green jewel of Rovinj appeared with over a thousand plant species from 1890 until 1910. Seamen brought back trees from the USA, Mexico and Japan, and besides the tall cypress and pine trees, the Himalayan cedars that were planted in the shape of a six-pointed star particularly stand out. Special watering places were prepared for roe deer, hares and pheasants. What's more important in our story is the fact that the entire area is closed to traffic so you can pedal here in total safety.

Technical characteristics:

Only 9.2 km long and with an altitude difference of 140 metres, the trail through the lavish arboretum of Rovinj area is quite easy and can be accomplished by everyone. It consists of 7.7 km on a macadam road and 1.5 km of asphalt roads and is ideal for mountain, electric and trekking bicycles. Depending on the riding pace you decide to keep, this cycling trail can be completed in about 40 minutes in a family environment, but if you choose a slower ride and make occasional stops within the fascinating natural surroundings, you will probably need 70 minutes.


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